Cornerstones of the cooperative system are the principles of mutuality , solidarity, democracy.

COPRAT’s designs springs out from the work of a group of specialists educated and renewed today within cooperative work characteristic continuity. To be a Coprat’s partner means to work in an integrated team with different skills, to organize the design process and to operate in a rational way, leading to score with determination and enthusiasm that work together in a cooperative organization ; today the natural evolution of a technical and innovative approach is carried on through work development in wide and complex teams, oriented towards integrated design, environmental comfort and energy improvement.

Via Corridoni 56
tel. 0376 368412 / fax 0376 368894

MILANO IV Novembre 6 (1° piano, scala B)
tel. 02 45391210

UDINE (Pasian di Prato)
Via Torino 87
tel. 0432 1540154

Coprat: Società Cooperativa di Progettazione e Ricerca Architettonica, Territoriale e Tecnologica - P.IVA 00401140207